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Precision Accelerometers

Sherborne Sensors design and manufacture a range of precision accelerometer sensors to measure linear acceleration and deceleration. They are used in demanding sensor applications where highly accurate and reliable measurements are essential.

Please call our Applications Team on      +39 02 46 92 680      or email    info@mecoitalia.it    so that we can discuss the best precision accelerometer for your acceleration and deceleration measurement requirements.

Typical applications include:

  • Structural monitoring
  • Rotating equipment monitoring
  • Automotive test
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Mechanical health monitoring
  • Braking system analysis
  • Road bed analysis
  • Laboratory research
Single Axis A545 Accelerometer
Single Axis A545 Accelerometer

A545 Series Precision Single Axis Solid State Linear Accelerometers

  • Available ranges of 2 to 500g
  • Advanced MEMS sensor with air damping feature
  • Essentially zero temperature coefficient of damping ratio
  • Integral temperature compensation
  • Designed to operate from an unregulated DC power source (DC input DC output)
  • High reliability
  • Robust, lightweight (less than 40 grams), durable light alloy package with solder pin connectors
  • Custom design and manufacturing capabilities
  • Data acquisition systems
  • Crash recorders
  • Fatigue life monitoring and prediction
  • Monitoring and controlling deceleration in mass transit systems
  • Road bed analysis and fault detection equipment for high speed railways
  • Military and civil flight simulato
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