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Universal Force Transducers

Sherborne Sensors manufacture a wide range of high performance compression/tension force transducers and load cells that provide unrivalled sensor performance and reliability for a diverse range of load applications.

Please call our Applications Team on      +39 02 46 92 680      or email    info@mecoitalia.it    so that we can discuss the most appropriate load cell and force transducer product for your measurement requirements. Over 50% of our load cell and transducer production is associated with custom products to meet a customer's specific load transducer requirements.

Typical applications include:

*Materials testing *Physiotherapy research *Medical instrumentation *Quality testing equipment *Chemical engineering *Commercial vehicles *Automotive test *Aerospace

SS2 Force Transducer
SS2 Force Transducer

SS2/SS3 Series Ultra Low Range Precision Load Cells

  • Full range measurement capabilities to 60 grams, with 12mV/V full scale output
  • Virtually infinite resolution, enabling low forces to be resolved down to just a fraction of one gram
  • Precision measurement capabilities in tension or compression mode
  • Bonded semiconductor strain gauge (gage) technology confers excellent sensitivity, eliminates fragility associated with non-bonded strain gauge types.
  • Excellent immunity to effects of eccentric loading, side loading and bending moments
  • Low deflection and high-frequency response characteristics are suitable for measuring both peak and transient forces over an operating temperature range of -20 to +90C (-4 to 194F)
  • Custom design and manufacturing capabilities
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • General Industry
  • Medical
  • R&D
  • Precision force measurement applications requiring ultra low force measurements
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